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        1. +38 (044) 500-3333
          Review, analysis, and monitoring of panies and entrepreneurs of Ukraine
          The most important information about any pany in one place.
          Profile of panies and entrepreneurs, risk assessment, verification of contacts and links, and search for customers and partners.
          1 708 203
          3 803 297
          Private entrepreneurs
          272 984
          Scan copies of announcements
          Gazettes, newspapers, bulletins, and journals
          5,9 mln
          Gazettes, newspapers, bulletins, and journals
          75,6 mln
          Court orders and writs
          15,9 mln
          Court lists
          + 16 000 daily
          3,9 mln
          Notices about bankruptcy and
          What we can do
          CNA service allows you to quickly review any pany registered in Ukraine, to operatively make data-driven conclusions, to appraise the business scale, and to assess the risks
          Search in registries
          Searching for panies and entrepreneurs in 10 public registries
          Sample by criteria
          Sampling of panies and entrepreneurs by selected criteria
          Tracking the newly created panies
          Monitoring the activities of newly established panies with account of region and type of activities
          Monitoring of registration data changes, announcements, judgments, bankruptcy, and summons to court
          Court hearings and summons
          Searching by name or surname of the plaintiff, the defendant or the third party, number of the case, and or the judge
          Bankruptcies forecast
          Timely notification about uping bankruptcies and statements in the Unified State Register about liquidation and reorganization
          panies overwievs
          Issuing overviews ofpanies and entrepreneurs on the basis of cross-source analysis
          Access to data from external applications and ERM-systems (1ะก, SAP, CRM)
          Risk assessments
          Risks reports generation basing on the pany's behavioral model
          Sources of data
          Through continuous access to public registers and databases of Ukraine the system has the most relevant information about the panies and entrepreneurs
          Unified State Register of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and public organizations of Ukraine
          Unified Licensing Center is an automatic system of data collection, storage, and records on eomic activities licensing
          Unified Register of court decisions is an automated collection, storage, protection, and recording of electronic copies of court decisions
          Official printed edition of the Unified State Register, State Registration Bulletin
          Information from 679 courts of Ukraine
          Registers of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. Tax debt, VAT Payer Registration, Cancellation of VAT payer registration, Single Tax Payers Register, Learn more about your partner
          Official print media of the central authorities. "Golos Ukrainy" and "Uriadovy Courier"
          Official print media of the National mission on Securities and Stock Market. National mission on Securities Bulletin and Ukrainian Securities Bulletin
          Official announcements of the National Bank of Ukraine and of the Deposit Insurance Fund
          for 1 query
          for 1 month
          for 1 month
          +38 (044) 500-3333
          Data access:
          Search for panies and entrepreneurs
          Data from the Unified State Register
          Branches and subsidiaries
          Bankruptcy and liquidation
          Official newspaper ads
          Court decisions
          Enforcement proceedings
          Tax debt
          State of a VAT payer
          State of UST payer
          Number of queries Unlimited up to 100 daily up to 1000 daily Unlimited
          Monitoring of panies No up to 1 000 objects up to 10 000 objects Unlimited
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